Groupage service to and from EU countries

The LTL and gropage service is offered mainly from the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, but if requested we can provide the service from other Western European countries as well. Delivery of shipments in Bratislava and western Slovakia is already after 48 hours after the pick up of the consignment abroad, shipments to other parts of Slovakia are delivered within 72 h of the pick up of the consignment. For registered users we are offering tracking and tracing of shipments during transport with help of our GPS system. We guarantee a quick and flexible solution for each of your shipments.

Short and long-term storage

We offer an integrated logistics system in a 4500 m2 big warehouse area . We are able to perform not only a simple storage of goods, but the whole range of additional services associated with the storage and distribution of goods to the final customer.

Consolidation, packing, EDI services

We are able to provide a wide range of value-added services for our customers including consolidation, repacking, and electronic data interchange EDI.

Distribution network

Our distribution network ensures the delivery of goods stored in our warehouses to the final consignee, the direct distribution from our customers warehouses and also the collection of consignment for our system traffic to the Netherlands and Belgium.